Help people diet and lose weight in a healthy way

Getting fit and having a nice healthy weight is the goal of many people.  I personally have strived for this since I was 17 years old.  Over the years, off and on I have read magazines, exercised, tried different diets and taken a wide variety of supplements.  For me learning about my own body has really paid off.  It seems like I have taken different exercise programs, diets and supplement suggestions to try to create my own program.  I feel everyone has a different body type, needs and desires.  Understanding ones own body, I think may be the most important variable in creating the body that one strives for.  I am pushing 50 now and have seen products, programs and ideas come into vogue, morph and be shown to be worthless.  In the 80′s protein tasted like chalk.  I had a college nutrition class that basically said any extra protein was a waste.  Later, it was said, perhaps protein does work.  Coffee has went back and forth as demon to a cancer fighter.   I am sure as new science continues to unfold, pros and cons will come to to the forefront of various supplements, diets and exercise programs as new methods and plans are developed.  The goal here is to find, discuss and evaluate through personal experience what new products, programs and ideas work or don’t work. Quite honestly, trying to live a clean, healthy life has greatly affected my happiness.  Although, I must admit many times throughout my life I have let myself go and fallen out of shape.  But, I have always fought to try to come back to what I consider the healthy side of life and always been happy when I have.  Whenever, I have started my way back to being healthy I always start back slow with baby steps and have slowly formed the habit again.  You can’t run a marathon if you can’t run 1 mile.  As long as you are on the path, it feels good to just get started and start to form the habit.  I have so many friends that started soooo hard core and then hated the experience and quit.  To me the most important thing has always been, just start on the path ever so slowly, but form the habit, then slowly build from there.   Anyway, please post any experience, personal knowledge, ideas or questions you might have.

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  1. Hi, I think I eat pretty well all day long and have been taking my vitamins at work while eating a healthy dinner, but at night I seem to want to sit and watch TV and eat junk food. I am looking for a way to remain healthy and eat right at night, while hanging out and watching TV. I was wondering if anyone had some ideas on how to change my lifestyle at night and keep up the healthy eating while still enjoying my evening.
    Sincerely, Blanca

  2. Like you I am also trying to eat healthier and maaybe lose a few pounds in the process and I also have the late night junk food problem. I have cut out the junk and instead munch on carrots, celery or other veggies with a bit of hummous or if your looking for a sweet snack i cut up fruit (apples usually) and dip them in a nut butter such as almond butter, peanut butter or even nuttella if im really craving sweets. be careful not to load up on too much fruit before bed however because although it is natural sugar it is still sugar. also a small handful of nuts with a large glass of water helps the late night munchies, somtimes ill add a few dark chocolate covered nuts in for a sweet treat. If i find after snacking on the healthy stuff I still have the munchies I chew on a tasty piece of gum. ive been eating healthier and off the late night junk for 2 weeks and have lost 4 lbs! good luck to you!

  3. Hi, I do like the snacking on nuts at night idea, since I do not feel if eaten in moderation they will cause you to gain weight and I think they have are very healthy. I have heard eating greens at night such as green beans is very good, but I just don’t enjoy them personally. I admit I also like to watch TV at night but feel the sitting for a long period of time is really pretty bad. I keep wanting to take up another hobby at night but not sure what would be a good night hobby for me. Perhaps someone else has a nice idea on a fun night time hobby.

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  6. As a sourсe of motivation, set goals that are short-termed and reward yourself when
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