Quit Drinking Cokes and Soda

Cutting sodas and Cokes out of your diet can be a difficult task. But just think, if you currently are drinking just one soda a day your intake of calories for that one Coke for one day is 140 calories or 4200 calories for the month (140 x 30 days). There are 3500 calories per pound of body weight, drinking 1 Coke a day you would consume 1.2 pounds per month of body fat or 14.4 pounds of body fat a year. Many people drink 2+ sodas a day.  So, to get rid of that 140 calorie soda you drank that day you would have to jog on the treadmill about 15 minutes.  One would think it would be much easier just not to drink it.  However, cutting soda from the diet is no easy task since many contain caffeine.  Personally, what has worked best for me was to cut down my Coke intake to 1 a day, and then once I was able to do that, then move on to just treating myself to one occasionally.  I must admit though, I do drink coffee which helps cut the craving for the caffeine created from getting the soda out of my diet.  Please share some of your thoughts and ways you have found to quit drinking sodas and Cokes.

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  1. I stopped drkining coffein/coffee a while ago for a short period just to see if I could do it. (I could, but I’m not that bad a coffee junkie yet. ) I think a great part of addiction always is routine, so maybe look for replacements or cut it out completely rather then reducing the amount.What about replacing diet coke with diet soda? Maybe then you don’t have to crave sweets AND coffein. You could also try replacing coffee with black tea same amount of coffein, but different (slower) pharmakokinetics. The shallower peak in the tea-effect might make it easier to quit the tea than quitting coffee directly.Good luck! Don’t give up!

    • Well, first off- you don’t say if you know how or why it makes you sick, but if you’re lactose inotneralt there are pills (lactaid) that can help, or you can try soy- or almond milk’ type products.Milk has calcium and added vitamin D, so right there it’s better for you than pop. Whole milk has fat, which pop never has, but pop has phosphorus and all sorts of additives that milk doesn’t. And that actually leaches calcium from your bones (remember the tooth in the can of coke legend? There is more than a bit of reality to that). If you can work yourself down to skim or 1% milk, you’ll get the same benefits without all the fat (whole is 3 to 7% fat- depending on brand).Calorie wise, 8 ounces of whole milk has about 150 cals, skim about 90, and 8 ounces of cola has 120- (160-180 per 12 ounce can) so calorie wise your about even- the real benefit is that milk gives your body more nutrients (and is much more filling- leading you to consume less calories in your overall diet) than colas or other sodas, so your much better off. Diet colas have of course very few (0-15) calories per 12 ounce serving, but have caffeine and/or chemical sweeteners that can give some folks problems.Over all, milk is a much healthier product to put in your body- check at any diet/health/nutrition site on the web- and only the soda pop manufacturers will tell you anything different!

    • Hi Kelsey, Laurie, and Wendy,My husband and I have been very acitve as a couple, and we used to make time almost every weekend for biking, hiking, or just a long, rambling walk through the neighborhood. In the past year, life became very hectic as we prepped our house for sale and moved out of state. That play time we had fell to the wayside. I’m trying to get some of that time for play back into my life. I think time management is going to be crucial, as my hubby is now working out of the home, and I’m currently doing the same. It seems like we have more time, yet it drifts away when it’s not scheduled. We’ve already discussed getting this fun time worked back into our lives. In addition, I’ve neglected my own workouts. I’ve started doing something a little out of the box to weave workout/play time into my writing schedule. I have workout DVDs with 15 20 minute workouts ready to go, and I dress in my workout pants and shirt while I’m writing. Now, after I write for a couple of hours and need a break, instead of checking out FB compulsively and surfing the web, I do a mini-workout. For example, today I did a 20 minute yoga work out and 15 minutes of Pilates later, right before I cook dinner, I’m going to finish up with a 30 minute Jillian Michaels workout. The minutes add up, and it’s fun. Now, to make this a habit Tara Kingston recently posted..

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