Exercise – New Year’s Resolution

A combination of diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight and get in shape.  As the New Year rolls around many people like to make their New Year’s resolution a promise to get into better shape.  For those who have been going to the gym over several years I’m sure they have  noticed the big jump in the number of people suddenly attending the gym in January.  Then over the next few months watch the numbers drop off and return to normal by about March.  I have always felt many people try to start of with their exercise programs in a way that isn’t sustainable.  The key is to incorporate a work out program that one would be able to continue and make a part of a person’s life and live a more healthy lifestyle.  Gains will take time but if one can form the habit of exercise a person can definitely change the way an individual looks and feels over time.  I believe one important key is to start slowly and have the initial work outs somewhat simple to just start to form the habit.  After a few weeks when the base habit of going to the gym has become part of one’s routine then make it a bit harder, but not so hard that one dreads going to the gym.  You want to enjoy the gym experience and look forward to it, not dread it.  Also, I have a little pre gym ritual that I really enjoy doing.  It involves a protein drink, music and little mental psych.  You may want to start a little tradition for yourself.  Realistic goals and expectations are important.  Keep in mind that you are always slowly working toward ones goals.  Everyone misses work outs, but if you can get back in the gym, after just a couple of work outs you will feel like you are back in the swing of things and working toward you goals again.  Often I set a goals such as looking great for a special occasion such as a wedding, going to the beach or getting into a sexy Halloween costume.  Whatever you goal is, it is important to have goals and give yourself time to accomplish them.

4 thoughts on “Exercise – New Year’s Resolution

    • For me, it’s both vanity and health. Vanity because I have wanted a six-pack since sixth grade and never really achieved it. Also, I think if I looked a certain way, I would be a lot more confidant (my confidence being quite deficient).Health because Diabetes runs in my family (and obesity is a contributing factor thereof). Also, I don’t want to have a heart attack or a stroke.-Rob

      • The question is: do the French NEED to go to the gym?Perhaps those who have adeptad an American lifestyle with a more sedentary routine, large food portions, and industrialized food will need to go to the gym.But based on my observations, the French are in much better shape than Americans. Every time I travel to France, I marvel at the physical condition of its senior citizens. I definitely notice a big difference between the elderly French and their American counterparts.So my message to the French is: keep doing what you’ve been doing for centuries and spend the afternoon enjoying a nice glass of red wine instead of sweating in a crowded gym.

        • Aerobic excercise using light weihgts, if any weight at all .. Things like stairsteppers and arc trainers are great because you can add resistance to burn more calories and not get so exhausted trying to pound them out running . also circuit training . light weight repititions done using free weihgts or machines . focus on like a 30 second on, 30 second off routine and switch machines often adding lean muscle increases your basic metabolic rate, which is how many calories you burn just by being alive ..References :

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