Herb Gymnema may aid in weight loss

The herb Gymnema, which is a wood climbing shrub native to Africa and India, may aid in the loss of weight by blocking sugar absorption and tampering cravings for sugar, which is a major contributor to weight gain. Increases in the amount of insulin and increases in the growth of cells in the pancrease which is where insulin is made in the body may occur when taking Gymnema, and may help stave off weight gain.

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2 thoughts on “Herb Gymnema may aid in weight loss

  1. You don’t need to lose weight, but rather you should try to gain muscle in effect, gain weight (ignore your scale). The skinny fat people that you are talking about have a low percentage of lean mass and a high percentage of fat for their weight. The only way to correct this is by building muscle. You can’t build muscle if you are worried about your weight. And, no matter what you do, you may always have a tummy. It’s best not to try to target weight loss especially if you are already thing you may never be satisfied. The people who have rock solid abs are either 1) airbrushed or 2) have put their bodies into extremely low fat percentages (less than 12% body fat for women) for competitions they also lose their breasts when they do this, but it’s usually only temporary as they gain the fat back after their competition or photoshoot or whatever. Adding some muscle will definitely help make your appearance firmer, and the best part is that you don’t have to cut calories, you just eat clean.

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