Quit Drinking Cokes and Soda

Cutting sodas and Cokes out of your diet can be a difficult task. But just think, if you currently are drinking just one soda a day your intake of calories for that one Coke for one day is 140 calories or 4200 calories for the month (140 x 30 days). There are 3500 calories per pound of body weight, drinking 1 Coke a day you would consume 1.2 pounds per month of body fat or 14.4 pounds of body fat a year. Many people drink 2+ sodas a day.  So, to get rid of that 140 calorie soda you drank that day you would have to jog on the treadmill about 15 minutes.  One would think it would be much easier just not to drink it.  However, cutting soda from the diet is no easy task since many contain caffeine.  Personally, what has worked best for me was to cut down my Coke intake to 1 a day, and then once I was able to do that, then move on to just treating myself to one occasionally.  I must admit though, I do drink coffee which helps cut the craving for the caffeine created from getting the soda out of my diet.  Please share some of your thoughts and ways you have found to quit drinking sodas and Cokes.